Our meetings are open for any Emerson student to join, regardless of experience or major. There are no interviews or auditions.

Come to any part of the meeting you're available for.
Bring a draft of something you're working on, or we'll hang and create. They're open for all!

We're a laboratory space for you to develop your work, or just come be creative. We value process or product, meaning there's more to learn from doing something if you're not fixed making something (good).

At our meetings you can:
  • Bring a script you're working on, we can sit down read it or stand up and stage it
  • Show off some performance you've been making
  • Play with some technology like projectors or sound equipment
  • Mess around with different theatre-making/devising styles
  • Make some masks or puppets and play with them
  • Just hang out
We'll be figuring out Fall 2017 Meetings in September!