What is EPC?

The Emerson Playwrights Collective is a undergraduate-led co-curricular at Emerson College supporting students developing new work for the stage. We meet to workshop scripts and experiment with different theatre-making styles.


We operate on a horizontal, non-hierarchical structure. That means that everyone is welcomed to our space, without the need to pay [dues] or audition or get past some gate. If you show up, we will share what whatever resources we have with you, even if our only resource is time and attention. We emphasize process over product because we have a lot to learn from each other and by doing or making something. But we also present and share what we've made.

Each EPC meeting becomes what the people who are there need

What should you bring?
  • A draft of something
  • An idea for something
  • A style of performance to play with
  • A feeling to express
Any of the above.
Or just hang and we'll create stuff.

Maybe at a meeting someone will need to talk through a half-figured-out plot, or hear some pages of a script read aloud, or see it staged. Maybe we'll play with different technology like projectors or sound equipment. Maybe we'll make masks or puppets.

Our space is yours, come check it out